Dr. Kristian Twombly is currently Associate Professor of Music at St. Cloud State University where he teaches courses in music and new media. He has written works for a wide variety of media. Aeterna was featured as a “Best of 2001″ selection on the “Pushing the Envelope” radio show in Storrs, CT and his Untitled Installationpremiered in Fall 2001 as part of the Gala Opening of the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland.

Other notable pieces include Play I[-III] , a Chaos theory influenced, four-channel electroacoustic setting of a Gertrude Stein play and original music composed for Fanto, a mysterious vaudeville, performed at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

As a theorist, Twombly has published his analysis of Joji Yuasa’s The Sea Darkens. in Electroacoustic Music: Analytical Perspectivesa collection of essays edited by Thomas Licata. Twombly has lectured at the University of Maryland and the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where he also curated Resonance2001@UMBC, an Electronic Music Festival. Dr. Twombly maintains a blog titled Sonic Event, in which he discusses new and emerging arts, particularly those that involve sound.

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